We have a good selection of beers and non-beers fresh on tap in our Brewpub. Cans available too. Some brews are regulars, like our easy drinking Almost Summer Ale. There's always a limited release brew or two, depending on the time of year and what's going on in our heads. (We try post our limited releases so check below to see what interesting brew we might have on tap. Sorry if it's not there when you visit. These come and go mighty fast.)
No matter what, we're sure you'll find something to love and quench your thirst.

almost summer ale
Refreshing, American Style Pale Ale

Almost Summer is a favourite amongst our staff and locals. The caramel and light toffee malt flavour balanced with a firm bitterness and sweet hop aromas of honeydew and mango hits the spot for many. It’s a winner on a hot, sweltering day, the ones we know too well in The Alice.
ABV 4.6%

batch #37 pale ale
Hop Forward, Traditional Pale Ale

Coming in at 5.4%, this pale ale is far from pale...It's a punchy, hop forward, thirst quencher, with more of everything. It's golden hue is deceiving so don't be lulled into thinking this is going to be light. A better description would be, this is one solid, juicy pale ale.
ABV 5.4%

Centralian ale
Crisp, Sessionable, Australian Style Pale Ale

Super easy drinker, it's the beer that pleases the crowd. It's got just the right dose of everything - smooth malt flavours, light fruity hop character, subtle bitterness, crisp finish. How can you fault that?
ABV 4.2%

Australian Style Pale Ale

A light drinking pale ale bursting with passionfruit aroma from the liberal Galaxy hop additions.
ABV 4.0%

Territory Mid
Crisp, Mid-strength Lager

We live in the centre of Australia, surrounded by desert. Surely we know how to make a cracking crisp, clean mid-strength beer. We do and we call it Territory Mid. Best described by many like way - crisp, well balanced, gentle body, crisp, subtle malt, slightly bitter (thanks German Magnum hops), crisp...
Mid in form, but not in character.
ABV 3.5%

Sessionable Stout

Don't let the name stout put you off. Our version is an easy-drinker, well balanced but still deserves the stout name with plenty of chocolate, toffee and coffee from start to finish. It's a stout to enjoy all year round. This was in our original lineup of beers when we opened in 2018, and due to popular demand (and a gold medal award...) it's here to stay. It's extremely popular on tap, when you can taste it fresh from the tank.
ABV 4.2%

Our Canned Range 

Like your beer in a can? We can do that. Grab a canned drink while at our Brewpub, pick up a carton to takeaway, or order online and we'll get it to you as quickly as we can.

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Limited releases

No guarantees we'll have these limited release beers available when you visit, but think positive. And if not, we'll have something else to kill your thirst.

Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal in a bowl is passable. An Oatmeal Stout is in you should have one. It's a rich, smooth chocolatey stout, and in true Alice Springs Brewing Co character, it's a lighter style stout. It couldn't be more different than porridge if it tried.

Salty Plum Sour Beer

A special brew inspired by those weird things you buy at the servo and don't seem to see anywhere but the Territory! This kettle soured oddity is one you gotta have a crack at! And if you're a Japanese food fan, you'll probably dig it.

Cherry Saison

Our pilot series is where we play. This time we brewed up a Cherry Saison. A saison is a farmhouse ale, called this because someone had the great idea to make a brew for farmers to quench their thirst in the warmer months. An idea we can embrace, but not just for the thirsty farmer, for the thirsty anyone. Our version is an easy-going (at 5.6% ABV), slightly cherry tart with underlying spiced notes of saison yeast. For the farmer in all of us...

The Croc Hunter Macadamia Nut Brown Ale

A big thanks to Co-Conspirators Brewing Company, Beaver Brewery, and The Purple Mango Cafe and Brewery for working together on this one! It's a native ingredient, bonza brew! Expect soft biscuit, light caramel, with a distinctly smooth macadamia hit bringing it home. This one is seriously limited so don't go all croc hunter on us if it's all gone.



Drop in if you live nearby. Come hang out if you're visiting. Stop off if you're cruising through. We're open daily to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger in the centre of Australia.