why build a brewery in the centre of australia?

We love beer. We wanted to drink a fresh beer from the source. We thought others might like a beer made in The Alice too. Simple right? Ha. Now remember where we are. In the centre of Australia, surrounded by desert, far from everything, where anything to do with alcohol is a bit of a challenge...Let the story begin.

thirsty for a fresh beer

This is the story of co-founders Kyle Pearson, Sarah Hore and the best bunch of supportive family and friends, all thirsty for a locally made beer.

Kyle, a homebrewer since 18, becomes a rep for a beer giant in the NT and Vic. Moves to The Alice for a short time, never leaves. Had a thirst for a fresh from the source beer in The Alice but such a thing didn't exist. Crazy idea gets into his head to brew an Alice Springs beer. Four years later, in 2018, the first draught, Almost Summer Ale, is on tap at the Jump Inn. Centralian Ale follows. The ultimate goal, to build the Alice Springs Brewery, is in progress.

almost summer ale and centralian ale, first draught beers from the alice springs brewery, available at the jump inn in alice springs

Multiple challenges were faced, like building in an isolated location (freight is a killer), water quality in the desert is questionable (the science of reverse osmosis destroys that problem) and liquor regulations (that one really hurt) delays the opening. Thanks to the Jump Inn and other incredible community supporters, the beers were available on tap during this time.

Finally in early 2019 the Brewpub opens. We did it!

the guide to the craft beers of the alice springs brewery

we brew some more & ship australia wide

Demand for a locally sourced beer in The Alice continues. We add more brews to our line-up. Post Office Pale Ale, a Stout, Batch #37, Ochre Ale, Saison to name a few.
And we get multiple requests from thirsty fans for our beers to be available when they're not in The Alice. So we package them. First one is our Centralian Ale stubby. Then Almost Summer Ale, Batch #37 and Stout join the gang. Cans come later. Now most of our range is available in glass or cans and stocked around Australia.

the range of beers on tap and beers in bottle made by the alice springs brewing co

Then covid and lockdown happens. Didn't see that one coming.
After we got past the initial shock, we got straight back to doing what we do best - brewing, kegging, bottling, shipping and helping out where we can.

brewing, kegging, bottling at the alice springs brewery co


It was a difficult time for many in the hospitality industry. Social distancing doesn't work well for our business...But we managed, thanks to the huge support from the Alice Springs community.

Now we are in the next stage of our development. We expanded and renovated the Brewpub to accommodate more thirsty and hungry people (which includes a bigger pizza oven). Getting stocked in more retailers around Australia. And of course, more time brewing damn good beer, made at the source. After all, We Make Beer Here!

scenes from around alice springs where the alice springs brewery is established


Kyle Pearson - Co-founder, one with the crazy idea, gm/brewer/sales/etc.

Sarah Hore - Co-founder, enabler of the crazy idea, behind the scenes work horse.

Ben - Head brewer